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Julia Gillard, Australia's Prime Minister, Slams 'Misogynist' Opposition Leader Tony Abbott (VIDEO)

WATCH: Australia's PM Slams 'Misogynist' Opposition Leader

Australia's Prime Minister Julia Gillard has been getting worldwide attention for a recent video of her withering takedown of Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott in that country's Parliament.

The Opposition was discussing the conduct of Speaker of the House Peter Slipper, who is currently embroiled in a scandal over some inappropriate and sexist text messages.

Gillard would have none of it and called out Abbott on his horrible women's rights record in a 15-minute barrage.

"I will not be lectured about sexism and misogyny by this man," she began.

"If he wants to know what misogyny looks like in modern Australia he doesn't need a motion in the House of Representatives, he needs a mirror," she said.

Gillard would go on to cite a number of sexist comments that Abbott has made to the media and in public.

"What if men are, by physiology or temperament, more adapted to exercise authority or give commands," she quoted.

Gillard also cited a comment Abbott made when he was the minister of health about how "abortion was the easy way out" and brought up instances of Abbott cat-calling her and making comments about her unmarried status.

"I was offended when the Leader of the Opposition went outside in the front of Parliament and stood next to a sign that said 'ditch the witch.' I was offended when the Leader of the Opposition, stood next to a sign that called me a 'man's bitch.'" she said.

Gillard's inspired performance has gotten her attention outside of Australia.

"This was some long overdue brazenness on her part, no doubt prompted in part by last week's portrayal of Abbott as a 'feminist.' And yes, it's quite something to see the most powerful woman in the country say what so many of us have been thinking, pulling no punches as she does so," wrote Chloe Angyal in The Guardian.

"Watching a female Prime Minister tear apart the male leader of the Opposition with such aplomb, composure — but most importantly armed with a brilliantly impressive set of insults — backed up with dates and times of when each shocking comment was said — was the best card Gillard, ever the political animal, could have played in such a situation," wrote Emma Barnett in the U.K.'s Telegraph.

Even Gawker paid attention to Gillard's speech. "Parliamentary politics is so awesome," they wrote.

Of course, Twitter users wasted no time praising Gillard (more reactions below).

"Somewhere in Hollywood Meryl Streep is standing in front of a mirror practicing Julia Gillard's accent," wrote Australian radio show host Ant Simpson.

What do you think of the speech?

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