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Justin Bieber's Graffiti Angers Australian Mayor

Justin Bieber Now Angering Australian Authorities

Justin Bieber won't be mistaken for Banksy anytime soon, but he's getting a bit more attention for his graffiti down in Australia with a Mayor condemning him and a hotel saying it was fine.

TMZ reports Bieber sprayed graffiti all over a hotel in Gold Coast, Australia last week while on his Believe world tour. The graffiti caught the attention of the city's mayor Tom Tate who posted an exclusive video to TMZ.

"Hi TMZ, Mayor Tom Tate here from Australia's Gold Coast," Tate said. "You know I got a message here for pop princess Justin Beaver. We love your music but we hate your graffiti and your vandalism here in our city."

The Gold Coast Bulletin had more information on the incident, with photographs proving Bieber was doing the deed at the QT Hotel.

However, the hotel didn't seem to agree with Tate's stance as it is actually running a graffiti art competition and said they gave Bieber permission to spray graffiti on its wall, a move the Gold Coast Bulletin described as a "one-fingered salute" to Tate.

"You could be painting your art on one of our walls with permission if you are the winner," a hotel representative wrote on the QT Facebook page on Dec. 2. "All you need to do is post a sketch of your potential design here on our page to be in the running. The sketch should come with a brief description of why you believe it suits the Gold Coast."

The hotel's Facebook page also included a posted photo of "Anchorman" Ron Burgundy (played by Will Ferrell) with the caption "Stay Classy Tom Tate" on it. "We know that the Mayor assumed that it was done illegally and used it to make a point, and is now needing to stick to that position even though it's not really fair," the hotel rep added in the comments section. However, the hotel now has covered the graffiti by placing a tarp over it.

Tate told the publication his office received several messages from people who "agree graffiti has no place" in the area and "it is an eyesore and it has to go."

As for Tate's video he goes on to say Bieber has "two choices": "come back and clean up your mess or come back and sing at the Mayor's Christmas Carol" which takes place Dec. 7 in the Gold Coast. "Make me a believer everyone," Tate says to conclude the 42-second video.

The singer -- who reportedly showed up 70 minutes late for a Melbourne gig Monday night -- will not be performing that day but is performing in Perth on Dec. 8 to wrap up the extensive trek that commenced in September, 2012.

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