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Justin Bourque Arrested: Moncton Shooting Suspect Caught (VIDEO)

Suspected Moncton Shooter Captured

Justin Bourque, the suspected shooter behind the deaths of three RCMP officers, has been arrested.

Mounties confirmed early Friday the 24-year-old Moncton man was captured at 12:10 a.m. local time.

A lockdown order for area residents has also been lifted.

UPDATE:New Brunswick RCMP have identified the three officers killed in the line of duty.

The officers who died were: Const. David Ross, 32, originally of Victoriaville, Que.; Const. Fabrice Georges Gevaudan, 45, originally of Boulogne-Billancourt in France; and Const. Douglas James Larche of Saint John, N.B.

Assistant Commissioner Roger Brown, the Mounties' commanding officer in the province, says it will take time for the department to heal.

"This is the start of a very long road for all of us," said Brown. "My thoughts and my prayers continually remain with the family and loved ones of the fallen officers."

Bourque was unarmed at the time of his arrest early Friday, New Brunswick RCMP said at a press conference Friday morning.

Supt. Marlene Snowman said Bourque was unarmed when he was arrested without incident but police did find weapons near the wooded residential area where he was found.

Snowman had to pause to gather her composure as she thanked residents for keeping their outdoor lights on, which she says helped police in their night-time search.

"I can't dig deep enough to explain the sadness that we all feel. We need to start this healing process together," she said.

Footage of Bourque's capture was obtained by the CBC and appears to show him being led into the back of a squad car.

The arrest concludes a massive manhunt conducted after three Mounties were shot and killed in Moncton Wednesday.

Two other officers sustained non-life threatening injuries – one has since been discharged from hospital. The identities of the dead and surviving victims have not been released.

Moncton resident Michelle Thibodeau was at her Hildegard home with family when Bourque was arrested in her backyard, she told CTV News.

She noticed a SWAT team driving by when all of a sudden they headed toward the back of the house, screaming, "Come out with your hands up!"

Bourque then emerged with his hands up and said, "I'm done."

Police kept a gun pointed at the suspect as they arrested him. They also searched Thibodeau's yard for other firearms, she said.

"We were all shaking, it was a very scary moment."

Thibodeau said the RCMP were unwavering throughout the manhunt, adding, "I think we will honour them forever in this community, we always have and we always will."

New Brunswick Premier David Alward issued a statement after news of Bourque's arrest, praising the RCMP for their dedication and strength – and extended condolences to grieving families.

“These events have been among the most shocking and heart-wrenching moments in my service as premier,” he said.

“To the families, friends, and colleagues of the fallen officers, although we cannot know the full impact of your suffering, your fellow New Brunswickers share the horror and pain.

“You are not alone in your grief - our hearts, minds and prayers are with you during the difficult days ahead.”

Earlier in the day, Bourque was spotted by authorities but managed to evade arrest after running into a wooded area.

Assistant Commissioner Roger Brown, the Mounties' commanding officer in New Brunswick, described the situation at the time as "very, very dangerous" and appealed to the public to stay calm.

“This is working through your worst nightmare," he said.

The search for the suspected gunman began Wednesday around 7:30 p.m. when police responded to reports of an armed man walking along a road. It was shortly after that initial call that shots rang out.

WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS. Story continues below slideshow.

Shocking images of a camouflage-clad Bourque walking calmly on a residential street, armed with high-powered firearms, spread across the Internet and gained international media attention.

The manhunt, which lasted nearly 30 hours, included the efforts of tactical armoured vehicles, air support major crime units, specialized teams, K-9 teams, and a legion of on-duty officers from across the province.

It remains unclear how the weapons spotted on Bourque's person – described as an M-14 semi-automatic rifle and a six-shot pump-action shotgun – were acquired.

Online speculation over where he bought his arsenal prompted a Moncton-area "emergency preparedness" store to issue a statement in an effort to minimize culpability from one of the worst mass shooting in RCMP history.

"The Worlds End Warehouse is a fully authorised & licensed firearms dealer, with a spotless record, and we promote firearms for recreational hunting, target shooting and law enforcement/security. However, to prevent pointless media speculation we can confirm that the suspect in this case whilst known personally by employees of our store, was never a customer and never purchased firearms or ammunition from us," they said.

A few character witnesses also emerged during the nerve-wracking ordeal, sharing details about Bourque's personal life and habits.

According to Christian Duquette, a neighbour living in the same trailer park as the suspect, he was a man who preferred to keep to himself.

"He was a loner, he was never out in the park socializing. Aside from that, he was just your average Joe in a trailer park."

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