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Justin Trudeau Cargo Shorts: Liberal Leader Teased About Casual Look In Clip (VIDEO, TWEETS)

LOOK: Trudeau Teased About Cargo Shorts

Oh, keep your pants on.

That was the message from more than a few commenters Monday morning after federal Liberals released a video message from a very casually dressed Justin Trudeau.

In the 39-second clip, the rookie Liberal leader, wearing a green v-neck T-shirt and cargo shorts, thanks supporters for helping the Grits reach a fundraising milestone.

“So, I wanted to tell you first,” he begins. “Since I became leader of the Liberal Party of Canada we’ve raised over a million dollars through grassroots donations.”

Trudeau goes on to say that 14,000 Canadians donated to the party since he took the reins on April 14 – 6,000 of those for the very first time.

"We're beginning to see what hope and hard work can accomplish together," he says. "It's just the beginning, but I know we're going to do it."

Not exactly a big deal, right?

Well, reaction to the clip was less than favourable online. Many mocked Trudeau’s casual attire — specifically the shorts — while others made light of the video quality, suggesting it had shades of the doomed Stéphane Dion coalition clip of 2008.

There’s no question that the visual stands in stark contrast to the more formal dress of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and NDP leader Thomas Mulcair.

But this isn’t the first time that Trudeau, who is known for his prowess with social media, has given Canadians a look at his life behind the scenes.

Last month, he tweeted a photo of he and his wife, Sophie Grégoire, dancing before his big speech at the Liberal showcase.

And, of course, he announced his leadership campaign last year with a clip on YouTube.

Is this all part of a strategy to appear young and hip? A calculated attempt to look like a middle class everyman?

Or was Trudeau wearing the shorts because it was, you know, hot outside?

Either way you slice it, folks had plenty to say about this glimpse at Weekend Justin.

Have a look at the gallery below for some of the funnier comments.

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