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Justin Trudeau Took A Break To Dab With Schoolchildren

2015, look at his dab.

They came, they saw, they dabbed with the prime minister on Parliament Hill.

Grade 5 and 6 students from Peterborough, Ont. toured Centre Block on Tuesday for a day filled with lessons on how Canada’s government works — and were paid a visit by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau himself.

“You are leaders today,” Trudeau told the group from Roger Neilson Public School .

At some point, Trudeau was convinced to dab — a dance move that has gained and waned in popularity since the release of Atlanta-based rap Migos’ single “Look at My Dab” in 2015.

Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen shared a photo of the lighthearted moment on Twitter.

Organizers told The Huffington Post Canada the idea to dab with the prime minister didn’t come from a student, it came from Toronto police Const. Dale Swift.

The trip was arranged by VIA Rail, The Children's Breakfast Club and Historica Canada. Speakers were also brought in to teach the students about the history of black Canadians.

Tuesday marked the last day of Black History Month.

While Trudeau seems to be in the know on what a dab is, the move befuddled a high-profile politician stateside earlier this year.

In January, 17-year-old Cal Marshall dabbed for photographers during the swearing-in ceremony held for his dad, a Republican representative in U.S. Congress.

Holding a bible in one hand, the teen leaned his head in the crook of his arm while his dad and House Speaker Paul Ryan smiled at the cameras.

Ryan, puzzled by the teenager’s behaviour, asked Marshall if he was going to sneeze.

The teenager was later grounded.

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