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Justin Trudeau Facts: 11 Things You May Not Have Known About Canada's Perpetual PM-In-Waiting


With speculation about Justin Trudeau's leadership ambitions reaching a fever pitch (again), we decided to take a look at some of the more surprising facts about Canada's perpetual PM-in-waiting.

Paul Wells of Maclean's and the Toronto Star's Chantal Hebert have both recently suggested that the Liberals may turn to Trudeau as the party struggles to compete with the NDP.

And while Trudeau continues to insist he's not interested in a leadership run, at least not yet, it seems we can't get the idea of another Trudeau in 24 Sussex Drive out of our heads. So in the meantime, here's some facts you may not have known about the rock star of Canadian politics.

Surprising Justin Trudeau Facts
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11. Politics On Mother's Side Too

Trudeau's maternal grandfather James Sinclair was a Liberal MP and cabinet minister in Louis St.-Laurent's government in the 1950s. (House of Commons)

10. Born In Office

Trudeau was only the second child ever to be born while a parent was prime minister. The first was John A. Macdonald's youngest daughter Margaret Mary Macdonald. Trudeau's younger brothers, Alexandre (Sacha) and Michel were the third and fourth.

9. Educated Enough?

Trudeau has a Bachelor of Arts degree from McGill and a Bachelor of Education from UBC. He also studied engineering at the Université de Montréal and environmental geography at McGill, but never finished degrees in those fields.

8. Enemies To Friends

While fathers Brian Mulroney and Pierre Trudeau were rivals, sons Justin and Ben are friends. Mulroney attended Trudeau's wedding to Sophie Grégoire. Grégoire has worked as Quebec correspondent for CTV's eTalk, which is hosted by Mulroney.

7. Let Them Eat Anything But Cake

Trudeau didn't have cake at his wedding, with Sophie arguing that people never eat it anyway.

6. Born On Christmas

5. Two Tattoos In One

Trudeau has a large tattoo on his left shoulder, the planet Earth inside a Haida raven. Trudeau got the globe tattoo when he was 23 and the raven when he turned 40.

4. Keeping It In The Family

Trudeau and his wife Sophie have two children, Xavier James (4) and Ella-Grace Margaret (3). Both are partially named after family. Xavier James is named after Trudeau's maternal grandfather James Sinclair (the politician) and Ella-Grace Margaret is named after Trudeau's mother Margaret and Grace Elliot, Trudeau's paternal grandmother. Xavier also happens to share a birthday with Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

3. Politician And Actor

Trudeau played Talbot Mercer Papineau in the 2007 CBC miniseries "The Great War."

2. .. And Video Game Star

Trudeau is prime minister in the dystopian future portrayed in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

1. Childhood Sweathearts

Sophie used to visit the Trudeau family home when she was a child. She was a classmate and friend of Trudeau's youngest brother Michel, who died tragically in an avalanche in 1998. Justin and Sophie made contact again at a fundraiser in 2003 and soon after began dating. Trudeau was so smitten that he declared they would spend the rest of their lives together on the very first date.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story incorrectly said Trudeau's maternal grandfather, James Sinclair, was a Progressive Conservative MP.

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