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Justin Trudeau Kids: We Could Look At Photos Of Hadrien All Day

Prepare to gush.

When we found out Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took his family with him on a six-day European tour, there was one thing in particular we couldn’t wait for: more photos of baby Hadrien.

Being the youngest of the three Trudeau kids, the one year old often steals the spotlight. Just get a load of his adorable outfit and chubby cheeks.

On Thursday, the Trudeaus headed to Malta from the UK. As they walked to the Government of Canada plane, we couldn’t help but gush over this adorable moment between Hadrien and his mom, Sophie Grégoire.

And here, the youngster and his family are caught bidding farewell to the U.K.. Just look at Hadrien's sweet face!

Besides Hadrien, Trudeau and his wife are also parents to eight-year-old Xavier and six-year-old Ella-Grace. While the European tour was a family affair, Xavier did not join the family on this trip.

In Malta, the prime minister will attend the Commonwealth leaders’ summit. Then, the family will fly to France where Trudeau is set to attend a UN climate conference.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the Trudeau kids make a public appearance with their parents. The kids were present throughout Trudeau’s election campaign this year and stole the show at his swearing in ceremony earlier this month.


When the kids took turns passing Hadrien around

Justin Trudeau's Kids At His Swearing-In Ceremony

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