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Justin Trudeau Liberal Leadership Run: MP Wears Lacklustre Outfit To Announce Leadership Bid

Justin Trudeau Wears Lacklustre Outfit To Announce Liberal Leadership Bid

It's official, style and political lovers: Justin Trudeau is making a play at the Liberal Party of Canada leadership. The Papineau MP made the announcement at an event in Montreal on Tuesday night.

Some say Trudeau rallied the crowd like a rock star, but for the sartorially savvy among us, the entire spectacle was a little lacklustre.

Why? Because what Trudeau wore to announce his candidacy was a wee bit dull. And as one of the hippest, youngest members of the Liberals, we kind of expected more from him (at least something that suited his upbeat persona).

Not only is his outfit a lesson in the importance of tailoring (the pants were too long, the jacket too big and the white shirt rumpled), he wore grey, a colour that's best described as "safe" and bland. It's a far cry from the style stumblings of our current Prime Minister Stephen Harper, yes, but it's a lifetime away from the incredible fashions donned by Trudeau's dad, Pierre Elliott.

Here's to hoping Justin steps up his sartorial game throughout his campaign.

Take a look at tonight's announcement outfit and let us know what you think.

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