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Global Leaders Admire Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's NATO Socks At Summit

Angela Merkel seemed very impressed.

Justin Trudeau is continuing to knock off our socks.

(Bad joke).

But seriously, Canadians. Have you ever noticed our prime minister has a thing for socks?

We guess you could saw it all started back in 2015 with these maple leaf socks:

Patriotic and fun, right?

Then things took a weird turn last year on a trip to Switzerland when Trudeau wore these:

Yes, those are skull and crossbones you're looking at. And yes, we're not sure of his fashion choice here either.

After flaunting stripes and speckles throughout the year (and duly noted by GQ), the prime minister really decided to elevate his sock game when he met another world leader on a date close to his heart.

In a sit-down with Prime Minister Enda Kenny of Ireland earlier this month (May the fourth to be exact), Trudeau wore mismatched "Star Wars" socks, one in blue and gray with R2D2 and the other in gold and black depicting C3PO.

Sure, we all know Justin Trudeau is a "Star Wars" fan, but his love for the film really socked everyone here (bad joke, again).

So since Kenny was obviously wowed by his socks, maybe a part of Trudeau thought, "Hey, would other world leaders get a kick out of my themed socks, too?"

And he proved the theory right at the NATO summit yesterday in Brussels when the likes of German Chancellor Angela Merkel gathered around Trudeau's pant leg to admire his ... wait for it ... NATO-themed socks.

With the flag of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (a dark blue field charged with a white compass rose emblem, with four white lines radiating from the four cardinal directions) on his one blue sock, and one pink sock, it seemed like his fashion choice for the day was spot on and impressive.

Trudeau couldn't possibly have packed another fun pair of socks with him to Brussels, could he?


More colourful socks. This time worn for French President Emmanuel Macron, who the Internet is counting on to be Trudeau's new BFF.

While some like to meet other world leaders with a death grip handshake, it looks like Trudeau just likes to wear a pair of nice, chipper socks.

Keep doing you, Justin.

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