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Karen Stintz Calls Rob Ford's Comments 'Gross,' Says Mayor Didn't Call To Apologize

'Rob Ford's Comments Are Gross. Rob Ford Is Not Toronto'

Toronto mayoral candidate Karen Stintz says she is disappointed by Rob Ford's lewd comments but is not calling for the Toronto mayor to resign.

"Rob Ford's comments are gross," she said at a press conference Thursday morning. "Rob Ford is not Toronto."

In an audio tape released by The Toronto Sun Wednesday night, Ford can be heard in an Etobicoke bar making disparaging remarks about his mayoral rival.

"I'd like to f**king jam her, but she don't want it," Ford said of Stintz.

Ford has since announced that he will take a leave of absence to deal with substance issues. The Globe and Mail also revealed Wednesday its reporters had seen a video of Ford smoking what has been described as crack cocaine, recorded last weekend.

Stintz said Torontonians are tired of being caught in Ford's personal "mess," but said her thoughts are still with Ford and his family as he sorts out his personal issues.

Stintz called Ford's remarks "misogynistic" and said she was shocked and embarrassed when a reporter read her the comments on Wednesday.

"There is no place in this city for sexism or homophobia, especially in the mayor's office," she said.

Stintz also said she shared the information with her children.

"I did have to tell my children going to school today that the mayor said some mean things about their mommy," she said.

When a reporter said Ford expressed remorse over his disparaging remarks, Stintz said she was not interested in an "empty apology."

"If Rob Ford was truly sorry he would have apologized to me last night," she said.

But Stintz repeatedly made clear that, unlike mayoral candidate John Tory, she is not calling for Ford to immediately resign.

"The only people who can remove Rob Ford from office are the people of Toronto," she said.

In a statement released Wednesday night, Stintz spokesperson Karl Baldauf called Ford's comments "shocking and bigoted."

"This is not the first time that Rob Ford has made misogynistic comments. Unfortunately, there are many that keep giving Rob Ford a pass," Baldauf said in the statement."In addition to seeking help, we hope for a full apology from Rob Ford, not only to Karen, but to all in this great city who expect more from their mayor."

Tory also released a statement Wednesday night calling on Ford to step down but said that, on a personal level, he is relieved the mayor is seeking professional help.

"Like Torontonians across the city, I am deeply disappointed by these revelations of Mayor Ford’s behaviour. For the good of the city, I call on Mayor Ford to resign," he said in the statement.

Olivia Chow is expected to address the Ford revelations Thursday.

At one point in the audio clip, Ford can be heard saying he'd rather lose to Chow than any of the other candidates because the city will be "f**ked so bad" people will want him back.

The audio can be heard here:

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