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Kate Middleton Baby: Maternity Outfit Colours A Hint To Royal Heir's Sex? (PHOTOS)

Kate Middleton made her final appearance before her royal baby's birth at the Trooping the Colour ceremony over the weekend and we're already missing her maternity style.

The Duchess of Cambridge wore a pale pink Alexander McQueen complete with a large collar, three-quarter length sleeves and ivory buttons. So cute! But the outfit begs the question: Does pink mean that Duchess Kate and Prince William are having a baby girl?

The royal couple have been famously mum on the topic, despite several reports hinting that the royal family leaked the sex of the baby. (The Mirror reported that Prince Harry revealed that Kate and Will were having a boy).

But despite our best guesses, we haven't come up with a simple way to tell whether Catherine of Cambridge is having a boy or a girl.

So, while we're waiting for the Littlest Heir Who Could to arrive, we've come up with a totally unscientific way to guess whether Catherine is giving birth to a future prince or princess, by tallying up how many times she's worn colours we think would look good on a boy or a girl.

Let the guessing begin!

Kate Middleton Maternity Style

Verdict: Based on the Duchess' maternity outfits, Kate Middleton is having a girl, having worn nine colours we think would look great on a princess, five colours we think would look fab on a boy and five colours we couldn't decide on.

What do you think? Is Kate Middleton having a prince or a princess?

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