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Kate Middleton Fall Fashion 2013: Wardrobe Ideas Inspired By The Duchess Of Cambridge (PHOTOS)

How To Dress Like Kate For Fall

October is almost upon us (where did the summer go??) which means it's nearly time to put away our dresses, skirts, tank tops and flip flops and switch to our fall gear.

But before you go rushing off to Joe Fresh, stay with us for a few minutes to hear out our ideas for your fall fashion 2013 wardrobe, inspired by one of the most glamorous and accessible women we know: The Duchess of Cambridge herself, Kate Middleton.

Why should you base your closet around Prince George's mum? Well, for starters, she doesn't let a little thing like pregnancy stop her from looking stylish and she's not afraid of thinking out of the box.

Most of all, Prince William's wife knows what looks good on her body type, which is a lesson we can all take from the future Queen.

So, to help you get started on fall 2013 shopping, here are some tips we can take from Duchess Kate.

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Kate Middleton's Style

1. Find A Tailored Coat

If the Duchess can teach you anything, it's that a tailored coat will do wonders for your figure. Take the red Armani she wore on her trip to Scotland; it skims but doesn't pull at the body, giving her a classic and flattering silhouette. So if you see a coat you love, take it to a tailor and they will make it look as if it were made for you alone.

2. Take Risks

Kate usually opts for sleek silhouettes and classic wardrobe staples (nothing beats your favourite skinny jeans and jacket) but the Duchess has come out of her shell at certain events, busting out in fun prints like the unexpected Dalmatian coat she sported at a cruise ship ceremony and in a sailor-inspired ensemble while touring Canada. If you don't try it, you'll never know whether it looks good!

3. Play With Colour

The mom is notorious for playing it safe with neutrals but she sometimes surprises us with bold yellows, vibrant purples and forest greens. Luckily, all of these colours are a perfect fit for fall!

4. But Don't Be Afraid To Embrace Monochrome

So you don't feel like wearing the colours of the rainbow? No problem, Kate has you covered. Black is easy to wear but if you're looking to find something a little different, try an off-white colour, a dark tartan or a navy.

5. Try A Hat

We're not talking about a fascinator. Kate is an expert at choosing the right hat for the right occasion, such as this darling knit newsboy cap she wore out in the wilderness with a Scouts group. But if you really want to, pick up a maple leaf chapeau. After all, Halloween is coming up.

6. Tartan Is Your Friend

We love tartan partly precisely because it can contain our favourite fall colours: red and orange. Kate Middleton wore a swoon-worthy tartan scarf back in April to match her tailored red coat. But tartan doesn't have to be the colours of the maple leaf in October; take the cute blue-and-grey mini tartan coat Kate wore while she visited Scotland earlier this year. The best thing about tartan? It's a great alternative to dull blacks and greys.

7. Collars Aren't Just For Kids

Princess Kate is a huge fan of collars. She wears them on coats, underneath cozy cable-knit sweaters and on warm dresses (peter pan style, natch).

8. Invest In Scarves

Scarves are a no-brainer when it comes to the fall (it can get pretty chilly), but rather than throw on a plain monochrome one, opt for one with a print or vibrant colour to brighten up your outfit on a grey day. The Duchess has a fab collection of scarves including the tartan one we mentioned previously as well as versions in plaid and royal red.

9. Belt It

If you want to avoid the bulk of winter coats, just wrap a belt around your jacket to show off your waist. Kate often uses belts around coats to streamline her silhouette and give her a wasp waist à la Christian Dior.

10. Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

If you're in need of a pick-me-up, don't forget to pack a fun and bright accessory. Kate is a huge fan of the tiny purse, a good pair of pumps and her favourite pearl earrings. Choose an accessory that makes you feel good and brightens up your day.

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