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Kate Middleton Pregnant: Tabloid Claims Duchess Of Cambridge Is Having Twin Girls

Tabloid Claims Kate Middleton Is Pregnant Again

There's a new royal rumour circulating around the tabloid world: The Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant again with not one, but two babies.

According to OK! Magazine, palace insiders told the tabloid Kate Middleton is getting ready for a second pregnancy with two twin girls.

“Kate has always wanted a daughter, and she’s talked about it so much that William did too,” the insider told the publication.

And while this palace insider may be completely fabricated, the magazine even went ahead and published a cover photo of the Duchess of Cambridge's so-called "baby bump" — which looks completely Photoshopped to us. Prince William himself also debunked a few pregnancy rumours in March, saying that baby George was "enough at the moment."

But according to the Stir, even though the palace hasn't released an official statement about a pregnancy, the idea of Kate being pregnant with baby number two (or three) isn't that hard to believe. We know both Will and Kate are fond of the idea of a second baby, and during their New Zealand tour in April, Will also told one woman who gave Prince George a wool shawl, "you might have to make another one soon."

The couple are moving into a brand new 10-bedroom Sandringham estate, according to the Mirror, where Kate has spent the last month redecorating — a new baby room perhaps?

Other rumours claim Kate might be pregnant because she has been absent from some significant royal events — including a charity dinner with Ralph Lauren. Even though there were reports she wanted a quiet night with baby George, others note claim she could be suffering from extreme morning sickness, similar to the type she dealt with while carrying Prince George.

However, the palace did release a statement that Kate, Will and the Queen as they head to France on June 5 to commemorate D-Day. If the Duchess is pregnant, here's hoping she's having an easier time than her

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