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Kathleen Wynne Attack Ad Targets Her 'Expensive Record Of Failure' (AUDIO)

The YouTube audio clip above, uploaded the day after Wynne claimed victory in the Ontario Liberal leadership race, describes her "expensive record of failure" and says she's "another McGuinty Liberal Ontario can’t afford." The ad will air on the radio, according to the Ontario PC website.

"Over half-a-million people are still unemployed or on welfare. In fact, Ontario’s unemployment rate was higher than the national average for six straight years. And what did Kathleen Wynne do while Ontarians were losing their jobs? She gave big raises to government workers," the ad says.

Wynne touched on Ontario's economic woes in her rousing speech at the Ontario Liberal leadership convention on Saturday.

"You told me that fiscal responsibility is fundamental to our future, and that a fair, inclusive society is what builds a strong, robust economy," she said.

She also responded to the ads on the National, according to CBC.

"Well, that's their choice … to decide to go negative before we've even begun the next conversation," she said. "And it's unfortunate, but that doesn't take me off track."

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