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Katy Perry Opens Up About Taylor Swift And The Weird Thing That Ended Their Feud

The pop stars put their feud to bed in June over cookies and cuddles, as per a very specific request from the "Never Really Over" singer.

Katy Perry revealed how she reconciled with fellow pop star Taylor Swift, and part of it was truly a-meow-sing.

In an interview published this week on KIIS 1065′s “The Kyle & Jackie O Show,” Perry recalled that she sent a “literal olive branch” and an apology note to Swift ahead of the singer’s Reputation tour in May 2018.

“I just thought, you know, she was about to embark on something new and big and needed the support,” Perry said. “And truly, it was like, as I was finishing [my tour], I realized how much we have in common. And maybe there’s only five other people in the world that can have the same type of conversations and understand where we’re coming from, and that we should celebrate our commonality and our friendship and to be able to be there for each other.”

The two had started seeing one another at parties, so Perry approached Swift and the pair exchanged numbers after talking a bit.

“I just went up to her and I was like, ‘Hey, you know, it’s been a long time and I think we’ve grown up a little bit and I just wanted to say I’m sorry and that I’m really here for you and that I love you. And, you know, I hope that we can be friends in the future,’” said Perry.

Swift eventually reached out to collaborate with Perry in her music video for “You Need to Calm Down,” where the two singers dance together while dressed up as a hamburger and fries.

Perry agreed to do the video on one condition: if she could go to Swift’s house and hold her cat, Benjamin Button.

“I said, ‘The only way I’m coming to your house is if I can hold your new cat,’” said Perry. The “Never Really Over” singer cryptically posted a plate of cookies and tagged Swift in the image’s caption in June. Perry explained on the show that those cookies were present during their reconciliation, so it’s likely that’s when all this cat-loving and cookie-eating went down.

Who knew that sometimes all you need to mend friendships is a good cat cuddle?!

As for Swift’s side of it, she told BBC Radio in June that “it was just very clear to both of us that everything was different, that we had grown up,” before adding: “Both of us have been in a really good place for a while.”

Cheers to you, Taylor and Katy. May you have many more cat and cookie dates in the future.

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