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Style Fix: Kendall Jenner Sparks Heart Hair Trend, F21 Launches In Canada

And we may be seeing the death of the $200 handbag.

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Heart Bangs Are All The Rage In Korea

Kendall Jenner's heart hair photo not only broke Instagram records, but now it's sparking a big hair trend in Korea. South Koreans on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are posting photos of themselves with heart-shaped bangs, called "hateu aapmuhri" (heart-bangs hair). The look is achieved with curling irons and hairspray, and is most popular amongst teens and young women in the city's Gangbuk District. (Daily Mail)

Forever 21's Spinoff Brand, F21, Is Coming To Canada

Forever 21 fans, get ready: its spinoff brand, F21 is coming to Canada. The store is marketed towards the entire family: boys, girls, men and women, and its layout is specifically designed for a more efficient shopping experience (no more Forever 21 shopping anxiety, guys!) The store will open in Windsor, Ontario in October, and later will open in Ottawa, with 20-30 branches opening over the next five years. (Bustle)

Drybar For Women With Natural Hair Opens In NYC

Though drybars have become quite popular over the years, there has yet to be one for women with natural hair...until now. Created by Folake Oguntebi, GoodHair Salon is giving women of colour the ability to access quick salon services, and offers all natural, nontoxic products to keep hair healthy. GoodHair is currently a pop-up salon in midtown New York until August 8, and will open a brick-and-mortar salon in 2016. (The Cut)

The $200 Handbag May Be Over

The mid-range designer bag may be on the outs. Though Michael Kors bags are popular amongst the teen set, sales for the brand fell 5.8 per cent earlier this year, marking Kors' first decline since going public in 2011. And the decline isn't just for $200-$350 bags -- next level aspirational bags, such as a Vuitton monogram or Gucci bag, are also declining because today's consumer wants more subtle indicators of wealth. (Refinery29)

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