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Kevin O'Leary Goes Off On Thomas Piketty, And It's Embarrassing (VIDEO)

Kevin O'Leary Flips His Lid About 'Capital,' Embarrasses Everyone

So, Kevin O'Leary went off on TV again, and just like manyofhisappearances, it was awkward and embarrassing.

This time his target was French economist Thomas Piketty and his book "Capital in the Twenty-First Century," which argues that extreme inequality could result from capital returns exceeding economic growth.

Piketty advocates a wealth tax as a way of countering constantly rising inequality, and argues that the problem cannot be tackled by market forces, CBC News reported.

O'Leary predictably pounced on this idea on Thursday's "Lang and O'Leary Exchange," taking Piketty's arguments to their extremes.

A clip from the show was posted to YouTube by Press Progress, a left-leaning blog:

"Lang: It’s a book that economists have hailed as seminal, game-changing…

Kevin: I’m telling you, it merits no discussion because it’s a crazy idea, insane.

Lang: So a book that has garnered worldwide attention and accolades merits no discussion, in your view, Kevin O’Leary, we should just move on, because you don’t like how it sounds?

Kevin: I’m talking about the part where he says let’s redistirubte the wealth. Redistribution of wealth doesn’t work, we tried it in the Soviet Union, North Korea, would you like to live there? How about Cuba?"

The debate goes on like this until O'Leary accuses Lang of being "against success." She says she's not against success, but "selfishness, narcissism and lies."

O'Leary was no doubt gratified to hear of a report out Friday questioning the numbers Piketty used to argue that wealth is accumulating faster at the top than in the rest of the economy.

All the same, Thursday's performance wasn't a far cry from the time O'Leary went on CNBC's "Squawk on the Street" and, again, took an argument about equal pay to ridiculous extremes.

When is he going to leave "Dragons' Den" again?

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