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These Are The Top Kids' Birthday Party Trends For 2019

This is what kids' birthday parties will look like this year, according to Pinterest.
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Now that we have made it through Christmas and New Year's, we know exactly what all parents want to do: start planning their child's birthday party.

Just kidding! If you got through Christmas with kids, please take a moment to congratulate yourself. Put your feet up. Take many, many deep breaths. You did it!

But eventually, your child will have a birthday party, and once you've had several pedicures and/or neck massages, you will want to plan it. So once you're ready — and only then! — here are some of 2019's biggest kids' birthday party trends, according to Pinterest's annual 100 trends report.

Chalk drawing

Chalk is fun, cheap, and — best of all — impermanent. Why not get kids to draw on the ground, or on individual chalk boards? You can even set up a big chalk wall that everyone can sign or play on.

Number-shaped cakes

Get your number-shaped pans ready, because according to Pinterest, searches for number cakes are up 314 per cent.

Scavenger hunts

Remember the sense of satisfaction you got as a kid when you figured out a scavenger hunt clue? This is one of the year's most popular ideas, so go hunting.

Backyard parties

If your kid is lucky enough to have a birthday during a time of year when it's pleasant to be outdoors, head out back for a cheap and low-key party. (And keep your outdoor decoration handy, because this is also a trend for weddings, apparently.)

Flower garlands

There are a ton of different ways to use flower garlands: Pinterest suggests draping them over a table, hanging them on the ceiling, or lining them up like a curtain against a wall or on a doorframe. However you choose to use them, the search term is up nearly 1200 per cent. Get garland-ing.

Toy-sharing subscriptions

Toy companies are getting in on subscription services, which seem to be growing in popularity across a ton of different industries. It's a great option for parents who want to cut down on waste. And in addition to toys, there are subscription services out there for crafts and dress-up, too.

Enchanted forest parties

If you're looking for a birthday party theme, why not one that will show kids the magic in the world, and get them interested in nature? Toadstools, fairy lights, and forest animals are all invited.

Donut decor

Believe it or not, "donut decor" is a super-popular search term. And honestly, what's better than a pretty decoration that you can also eat?

Smoke bombs

Granted, this is clearly for older kids only — but if you're a parent to someone old enough to handle smoke bombs, you're likely to notice that "smoke bomb photography" is massive on Instagram and Pinterest.

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