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Kittens Survive Chicago To Edmonton Train Journey (PHOTO)

LOOK: Thirsty Kittens Survive Train Ride From Chicago To Edmonton

Two kittens found sealed in a boxcar from Chicago to Edmonton, without food or water, have finally quenched their thirst.

Found Tuesday by an Edmonton man in a warehouse, the kittens are recovering after the five-day, 2,600 kilometre journey.

The man, who wanted to stay anonymous, found them when he heard meowing coming from a cargo boxcar. He brought the kittens to the Edmonton Humane Society.


They were two "terrified, dirty, hungry, scared kittens," said shelter spokesperson Shawna Randolph.

"We do not know how these kittens have survived," she added.

It's unclear if the kittens were placed on the train on purpose, or if their mother may have left them there and not got back in time, says Randolph.

"'We'd hate to think that someone purposely put them there," she added.

The one-month-old felines have been named Chicago Joe and Boxcar Willemina and are headed to foster care.

They're far too young to be spayed or neutered and it will take a few weeks before they're ready for adoption, says Randolph.

Here's a photo of the two adorable kittens in Edmonton. It's remarkable that they survived, says Randolph.

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