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Krissychula's 'It's Hot As Hell' Video Rant Goes Viral (NSFW)

They say the heat can make people act out of character, and if it gets hot enough, it can clearly make people lose their minds, and even their faith.

When you're dealing with humidity and sweat in places that shouldn't exist, it only makes sense to let it all out on video, especially if it's hilarious.

This YouTube video, posted by Krystal, or krissychula, originally posted on June 25, has more than 600,000 views and 2,000 comments — and we assure you, she nails exactly what the rest of us are feeling right now.

Krystal goes into how unbearably hot the heatwave is in her city, touching on important topics like why her air conditioning isn't on "power ranger" mode and why the extreme weather isn't in the living rooms of people who were begging for beach weather and sunny days.

One of our favourite moments in the nearly three-minute rant: "I am not tropical, I am not a damn toucan."

Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec have been experiencing a scorching heatwave in the last week, where in Toronto, the city broke a high temperature record at 35 C with humidity making it feel more like 44 or 45 degrees.

So Krystal, thanks. We too feel like sitting in a snow-filled living room and thinking about skating and snowmen all over again.

Stay cool, Canada!

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