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Krista Ford Tweet: Rob Ford's Niece Apologizes After Sex Assault Comment Sparks Twitter Backlash

UPDATED: Krista Ford Apologizes After Twitter Remark

UPDATE: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's niece Krista Ford apologized in a statement to the Toronto Sun after tweeting a controversial remark on how to prevent sexual assault.

Her statement also clarified her tweet :

"What I meant to say was that women should take measures to protect themselves and be very careful not to place themselves or allow themselves to be placed in vulnerable positions that may compensate their safety. It's important that the public knows that my comments do not reflect my family's beliefs."

Update: Woman who was assaulted writes open letter to Krista Ford

Krista Ford, niece of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, drew anger on Wednesday night when she tweeted out some advice on how to prevent sexual assault.

“Stay alert, walk tall, carry mace, take self-defence classes & don’t dress like a whore. #DontBeAVictim #StreetSmart,” she tweeted at around 6 p.m. The message drew the attention of the Toronto Star and other media outlets. The tweet by councillor Doug Ford's daughter has since been deleted.

Her comments came the same night as a public briefing held by Toronto Police after a number of sexual assaults downtown. The Star points out that mace is actually a prohibited weapon.

Not dressing "like a whore" is also pretty suspect advice for preventing sexual violence against women. In fact, a Toronto police officer drew widespread condemnations last year when he told a group of York University students that not dressing "like sluts" was one way to prevent sexual assault.

Toronto Twitter users quickly lashed out at Krista Ford, a model and former member of the Toronto Triumph, the city's team in the Lingerie Football League.

More responses to Krista Ford:

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