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#FruitSnackChallenge Adorably Tests Kids Like Stormi Webster's Patience

Even non-Kardashian fans can't help but be charmed by Stormi's self-control techniques.

Waiting isn’t easy. If we didn’t know that before, this pandemic putting all of our lives on hold has certainly made it clear.

Because Tik Tok is a cruel and unusual place, parents have started filming and sharing tests of their little ones’ patience. The Fruit Snack Challenge involves setting out some treats for your kids, telling them to wait, and then seeing what they do when you leave the room. The part that’s a challenge is seeing whether they’re actually willing and able to control their impulses, or if they just dig in while their parents are away.

Some kids are remarkably, impressively patient...

While others find it hard to master their candy-eating instincts, even before their parents leave the room.

Naturally, Kylie Jenner saw a thing happening on the internet and decided to participate. And even the most most highbrow, critical, staunch anti-Jenner/Kardiashian-er would be unable to resist this video of her two-year-old daughter Stormi.

In the video posted Tuesday, Jenner, who’s off-screen, sets a bowl of chocolates in front of Stormi and tells her she can have some in a few minutes. While her mom is gone, Stormi looks longingly at the bowl, at one point leaning in very close.

But she shows remarkable restraint, eventually launching into a sing-song refrain of “Patience! Patience!” to talk herself out of disobeying her famous mom.

Not everyone is onboard with the challenge. An article in The Takeout likens it to voyeurism. “It’s not a lesson in delayed gratification, or self-control, or listening to authority figures,” the article said. “It’s a reminder that if you act cute enough, you’ll be rewarded with both fruit snacks and an audience of internet strangers.”

Fair point, although it’s very, very hard to not get taken in by the cuteness of these videos. Now, if you’ll excuse us, this whole thing has made us peckish.

Off to find some fruit snacks!

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