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No wonder her skin always looks flawless.

We hope you have a pen around, because you'll be wanting to ake note of this newly revealed beauty secret from Kylie Jenner.

In her latest tutorial for her website,, Jenner, along with her BFF Anastasia (a.k.a. "Stass), give their assistant Victoria a makeover. Fun! But the best part? In the process of prepping the skin, the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan reveals she applies moisturizer on the face using a brush.


"Tell me that doesn't feel amazing," Kylie says to Victoria as she buffs the skin.

The famous 18-year-old, who also shared the secret behind her famous derriere this week, uses a beloved tool of the Kardashians: the Artis Elite Mirror Oval 10. The rounded oval fibre brush, most notably used for self-tanner applications and setting powders, are made exclusively with CosmeFibre, a revolutionary engineered fibre made for applying makeup.

First there was big sister Kim K's contour routine and now the queen of Snapchat is following suit in what seems is beauty tricks revealed on the daily.

But hey, we aren't complaining about being gifted with Kardashian-Jenner beauty tips. Don't stop, Kylizzle!

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