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Easy Last-Minute Kids' Halloween Costumes You Can Find In Your House

Halloween 2020 is officially on. Grab your glue gun and hustle!

So, we’ve been a bit, um, distracted lately, and Halloween 2020 is almost here. Between worrying about the second wave, overcrowded classrooms and the possibility of a twindemic, we may not have given our full focus to costume needs.

Now that we know trick or treating is officially approved by Canada’s top doctors, our kids are going to want to get dressed up for Halloween. There are plenty amazing costumes you can cobble together with stuff you have at home.

Here are some of our favourite last-minute costume ideas for kids:

Frankenstein’s Monster

A great way to repurpose toilet-roll tubes and shipping boxes, these cardboard monster heads and hands were created by Zygote Brown designs. Find instructions and a how-to video on the website.

Glue gun, marker, cardboard.... you've got this!
Glue gun, marker, cardboard.... you've got this!


A costume so easy to throw together it’s criminal ― all you need is black tights, a black-and-white striped top, a black hat and black Bristol board, felt or fabric and ribbon or elastic ties to create the eye mask. Any plain reusable canvas bag can be repurposed as the dollar-sign swag bag, with the help of a marker pen. As a last resort, a black garbage bag would be great too. Find this and other last-minute costume ideas on the My Little Moppet blog.

A sneaky throw-together look from wardrobe staples
A sneaky throw-together look from wardrobe staples


These Las Vegas boys got their lumberjack on, when mom Mace Camp dressed them in plaid, camo tuques and little make-up beards. You can raid the toy box for play saws and axes, or make your own from cardboard. Other cute accessories for this last-minute look: suspenders and utility boots.

Frida Kahlo

Celebrate the iconic artist with this quick and easy costume from Crafty Chica. You can DIY the floral headband or shop your kid’s accessories box for a similar a piece. A deft touch with the eyebrow pencil will help you recreate Kahlo’s distinctive brow, and braids, costume jewellery and a blue dress complete the look. Find full instructions here.

Such artistry! Such a low-maintenance look!
Such artistry! Such a low-maintenance look!

Got a little more time to DIY? Click through our Family Costumes slideshow below for inspiration:

Family Halloween Costumes

Cabbage Patch Kid

It takes a little patience to make the wool wig, but that is literally all you need to DIY for this last-minute baby costume. Any doll-ish dress or outfit will work, and you could use an eyebrow pencil to add a few freckles, if you like. Here’s a tutorial in making different styles of wigs, with a tuque or skull cap and yarn.

Every one is unique!
Every one is unique!

Boo from “Monsters Inc.”

This may be the world’s easiest no-sew costume, but that doesn’t take away from its total cuteness. All you need are white socks, lilac leggings, an oversized pink T-shirt, a Mike Wazowski doll if you have one, and the ability to do pigtails. Adorable!

Identity Thief

Since we’ll not be needing those name stickers for a while with large gatherings off the table, this costume is the perfect way to ensure they don’t go to waste. Have fun with this idea and use the names of friends and family members to customize your kid’s costume. Get the instructions here from the Budget Diet.

Hello! Hello!

Recycling Superhero

Use recycled coloured paper and craft supplies to transform your kid into a recycling superhero ― so meta! We love this look and the message it sends to children about being eco-conscious and frugal at a time of year when plastic one-time-use decorative and loot-bag items abound.

Dobby the House Elf

Take one pillowcase, a cut-off nylon, cardboard ears and a homemade wand, and you have a baby version of the beleaguered “Harry Potter” character Dobby the Elf!

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