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Last-Minute Halloween Costumes That Are Cheap And Easy To Make

No prep required.

If you're the type that fails to plan their Halloween costume in advance, you're probably used to scouring costume shops and settling on expensive outfits you don't really love.

It doesn't have to be like that. Pulling together a fun Halloween costume at the last minute is easy since hair and makeup go a long way. Instead of spending $50 on a Pop Art costume simply dig into your (or a family member's) closet and find a colourful collared dress or jacket and paint dots and lines on your face to complete the look.

A classic last-minute costume that never fails? A black cat! All you need is the ears, black eyeliner and a black outfit.

Minnie Mouse makes another great last-minute costume. For this look just wear black mouse ears and tie a red ribbon around the band then throw a polka dot shawl over a black dress and call it a day.

Another classic is Rosie the Riveter. For this costume just tie up a chambray blouse and wrap a red bandana around your head.

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Just because you've got a shaved head doesn't mean you can't get creative with hair. For this Charlie Brown costume all you need is black shorts and a yellow shirt. Use a black marker to draw on the black squiggle across the shirt, then use some eyeliner to draw a single curly hair on your head.

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Put that black eyeliner to use again for this easy cracked porcelain doll costume. Tie a ribbon in your hair, wear a pretty dress, do your makeup as usual, then choose one side to look broken by using the eyeliner to create lines and holes.

Got a plaid shirt hanging in your closet? Use it to turn yourself into a scarecrow. Pair the top with denim, over-the-knee boots and a floppy hat. Then exaggerate your makeup by drawing on little stitch marks around your nose and lips.

Need a last-minute couples costume? Dress up as Salt and Pepper. For pepper, dress in all black and cut out a white letter P to attach to your chest, then wear a strainer as a hat to act as your cap. If you're dressing up as salt, wear white with the letter S affixed to your chest, then use a metal bowl on your head for the cap.

Or throw on sparkly pink and blue dresses and go as Romy and Michelle from "Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion." Add a little fluff to the hem of the pink dress with a dollar store boa and glue a white ribbon to the bottom of the blue dress to complete the look. This costume is even better if you have a pair of sparkly pumps and white chokers.

Not into dressing up at all? Rock an oversized button-up and socks just like in "Risky Business." We'd bet it's a pretty comfy costume.

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If you can't find an oversized paper bag to wear as the Paper Bag Princess, blow up a few balloons, put them in a clear plastic bag and affix the whole thing to your chest. Use a logo to make it clear you're a bag of jellybeans or gum balls.


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With the recent release of the film "Ouija" there's no better time than now to "dress up" like a Ouija board. Simply wear all black then paint on the iconic symbols found on the board.

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