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17 Mischievous Leprechaun Trap Ideas For St. Patrick's Day

Who knew this was even a thing?
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So, you've already planned to make green pancakes (and you might even don a festive hat while making them), you've gone out and purchased some chocolate coins (which you'll eat yourself, necessitating another trip to the store), but did you know there's another fun way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with your kids?

Move over, Elf on the Shelf (Seriously. Move right on out of our house forever). Leprechaun traps are the newest trend to get your (and your children's) creative juices flowing this March.

We rounded up 17 (because of March 17th, obviously) great leprechaun trap ideas to help inspire your kids to catch the little mischief-maker.

1. Cereal box leprechaun trap

Crafts By Amanda

Get the instructions: Crafts by Amanda

2. Popsicle stick leprechaun trap

Chica Circle

Get the instructions:Chica Circle

3. Construction paper leprechaun trap

The Suburban Soapbox

Get the instructions:The Suburban Soapbox

4. Lego leprechaun trap

A Blonde And 3 Boys

Get the instructions:A Blonde And 3 Boys

5. Slide leprechaun trap

Grey House Harbor

Get the instructions:Grey House Harbor

6. Feat of engineering leprechaun trap

Play Dr. Mom

Get the instructions:Play Dr. Mom

7. Toilet leprechaun trap

Pinterest/Lisa Cull

This one is pretty straightforward.

8. Cotton ball leprechaun trap

Kiwi Co Corner

Get the instructions:Kiwi Co Corner

9. Plastic hat leprechaun trap

Lizz And Little Bit

Get the instructions:Lizz And Little Bit

10. Twizzlers leprechaun trap

Love Bug Living

Get the instructions:Love Bug Living

11. Kissing booth leprechaun trap

Pinterest/Keegan Penny

No instructions provided, but check out the pic from Keegan Penny on Pinterest.

12. Another Lego leprechaun trap

Est Coat Mommy Blog

Get the instructions:East Coast Mommy Blog

13. Box leprechaun trap

The Crafting Chicks

Get the instructions:The Crafting Chicks

14. Coffee can leprechaun trap

DLTK's Growing Together

Get the instructions:DLTK's Growing Together

15. Hotel leprechaun trap

Sweet Metel Moments

Get the instructions:Sweet Metel Moments

16. Martha Stewart leprechaun trap

Mike Krautter/

Get the instructions:Martha Stewart

17. Treasure chest leprechaun trap

Stephanie Morgan/Ehow

Get the instructions: e How

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