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Lewis Kent, Beer Mile Record Holder, Gets Brooks Endorsement Deal

Fun fact: Canadians excel at the Beer Mile.

Step aside Andre De Grasse. Get off the course Usain Bolt. There's a new speedster on the track.

Western University student Lewis Kent has signed an endorsement deal with shoemaker Brooks for drinking beer — and running really, really fast.

Kent is the current world record holder in the Beer Mile, a quirky race that sees competitors slamming back four beers while running a mile. The 22 year old broke the record earlier this week, setting a 4:51.9 pace. Kent, who is on Western's track team, has a beer-less mile personal best of 4:15. The current world record in the mile is 3:43.13.

You can watch Kent's sudsy sprint below:

Brooks said it had signed Kent to a two-year deal but didn't disclose exact terms. Jenine Lafayette of Brooks Canada told ESPN that the deal was "more than we would pay an amateur athlete and less than we would pay an Olympian."

So far Kent does not have a beer sponsor, although he did set his world record while drinking Toronto-brewed Amsterdam Blonde.

We're also proud to note that, for whatever reason, Canadians dominate the Beer Mile record books. Manitoban Corey Gallagher currently holds the second-fastest time in the world. Two other Canadians also appear in the top 10 fastest beer milers.


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