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Liberal Candidate Fires Back At Tories With Cheeky Parody Of Ad

Liberals Fire Back At Tories With Cheeky Parody Of Ad

One Toronto-area Liberal candidate is hitting back at the federal Conservatives by spoofing the party’s job interview-themed anti-Trudeau ad.

Mississauga-Centre candidate Omar Alghabrareleased his take of the Tory ad with Liberal twists, debunking some of the Harper government’s much-ballyhooed lines along the way.

“It says here that he’s the best at balancing budgets,” said one actor reading Harper's “resumé.”

“But didn’t he run deficits seven years in a row?” responded another.

“He also says he’s the best economic manager. Is that true?”

“Not even true. He has the worst economic growth record since the 1930s,” said a woman seated at the front of the table. “I mean, I know we’ve had a recession, but we had those before.”

It’s a line that has been used repeatedly by the federal Liberals for the past two years, the claim that the Harper government holds the worst economic record since the 1930s.

The claim has mathematical merit, according to an assessment made in The Canadian Press’ on-going “Baloney Meter.” But experts note the inference that Harper is to blame is debateable.

The Liberal parody also zings Harper by making his reputation as a “mean and controlling manager” who “doesn’t work well with others” the subject of discussion.

Last week, the Conservatives released a Mantioba NDP-inspired ad titled “The Interview” to dismiss Trudeau’s qualifications to be prime minister, focusing on his looks.

Nice hair, though,” said a man in the Tory ad about Trudeau.

“Nice paper, though,” quipped an actor about Harper’s “resumé” in the parody version. A quip which earned the response: “We paid for it.”

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