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Justin Trudeau's Bright Accessory

It’s hard to follow in the footsteps of Pierre Trudeau if you’re his son – not only politically, but sartorially.

Justin Trudeau, who has had many style ups and downs surprised us by wearing a bright red tie at the Liberal leadership race at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on April 6.

It's a huge improvement from when we saw Trudeau last October where he wore a lackluster grey suit to announce his party leadership candidacy.

But in front of a packed hall full of scarf-wearing supporters, Trudeau livened up what could have been another boring black suit with a powerful and confident statement tie.

Will his colourful accessory win Justin the race?

Christie Ressel, an international image consultant and founder of Personal Power Image Consulting says: "The contrast of white, navy and red stand out and give [Trudeau] a powerful presence. The tie with pattern on it is a bit fun -- a nice change from some of the 'stuffy' alternatives."

Try as he might, Justin doesn't quite have the sartorial flair as Pierre (see his well-tailored suits and dandy scarves.)

At least Justin will always have his awesome hair. Well, hopefully always.

Check out Justin's style at the Liberal leadership race:

Reaching Out

Liberal Leadership Showcase: Justin Trudeau

Check out what the Liberal supporters are wearing at the showcase:

Liberal Style

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