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Library book returned to Yukon 51 years overdue after trip to New Zealand


WHITEHORSE — A book borrowed from a Yukon library in 1965 has been returned after 51 years and a journey to the other side of the globe.

Librarian Sarah Gallagher says "The Story of Madame Curie" by Alice Thorne ended up in New Zealand, where it was recently discovered by Roslyn Selby.

Gallagher says Selby mailed the book back, along with a donation of several other children's books and a letter explaining her family moved away and accidentally took the book along.

Staff at the Whitehorse Public Library are assessing the edition, which was borrowed from the former Yukon Library, before deciding if it will be returned to circulation or kept in a special display.

The book about a Polish doctor and scientist who discovered radium was borrowed two years before the family left Canada, but Gallagher says the library is glad to have it back after more than five decades.

April is amnesty month at the library so fines for overdue books are suspended. (CKRW)

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