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Lilly Singh Superwoman: YouTube Comedian's Take On White People And Indian Music Is Hilarious

When White People Dance To Indian Music

We're way past the days of screwing in the light bulb and lifting our shoulders up and down. Canadian YouTube comedian Lilly Singh, or Superwoman to her fans, has put together a combination of the Internet's next best thing: four uncut minutes of Indian music and non-Indians dancing to it.

The video features the comedian and two of her Caucasian pals dancing in a hotel room and areas in Thailand jamming out to Daler Mehndi 's "Bolo Ta Ra Ra." The song, which is a known Punjabi classic — and probably played at every Indian wedding you've been to — was a huge hit in the 90s.

Originally, the two guys in the video above from Sunday Fundayz uploaded themselves dancing to the song in 2011.

And while the video has a lot of questionable dance moves and lip dubbing, the dancers are having such a good time we can't help but move in our seats ourselves. Uploaded on Friday, the video already has over 5,000 likes and Singh herself has over 1 million subscribers on her channel.

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