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This Photo Of Lindsay Lohan Sitting On Karl Lagerfeld's Lap Is Awkward

Picture this: Lindsay Lohan sitting on Karl Lagerfeld's lap. Awkward, right?

On Thursday, the controversial reality TV star posted a hilarious Instagram photo of the twosome, which shows LiLo grinning as the Chanel designer makes the most uncomfortable-looking face while he grabs the fallen star's arms.

"#tbt @karllagerfeld #chanel," Lindsay captioned the pic.

Although the "Mean Girls" actress isn't hanging out with couture designers anymore (remember when she designed the controversial collection for Ungaro?), Lagerfeld and Lindsay used to be close several years ago, and were photographed together at his shows.

Oprah's buddy isn't the only celeb to flaunt her famous fashion connections. Yesterday, Kim Kardashian posted an Instagram photo of herself having lunch with Vogue editrix Anna Wintour.

"#TBT when Anna met North! Oh and told us about our Vogue shoot! #BestDayEver #Vogue #NorthOnlyPayingAttentionToHerDaddyTakingThePic," Kim captioned the pic.

So, which throwback pic do you find the most impressive?

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