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Navigating Loneliness Is Hard, Even Though We're More Connected Than Ever

Young people are lonelier than ever, but they don't have to be.

We’ve developed incredible technology to bridge the space between all people. We can chat to our overseas relatives from anywhere in the world, whenever we feel like it. We all have dozens of apps connecting us to hundreds of our closest friends. We’re in touch with everybody, all at once.

So, why is our generation so lonely?

In the past, studies have indicated that seniors were the loneliest demographic group. But recent research found that young adults are actually the most socially isolated.

HuffPost Canada’s new series, “Navigating,” is all about figuring out the challenges of modern life. In the second episode, host and producer Kait Howell dives deep into the “loneliness epidemic” to figure out why it is we feel so lonely, and what we can do about it.

Howell talks to a variety of experts and gurus to try to navigate the sometimes lonely path into adulthood.

In this episode, clinical psychologist Dr. Mariyam Ahmed talks about about one of the biggest roadblocks we face — our unrealistic need to connect instantly, — and gives tips for how to let relationships develop organically. She also chats with Julian Ilson and Jan Keck, two people who are coming up with new and creative ways to avoid feeling total isolation.

If you’re feeling lonely: we promise, you’re not alone. Watch the video above, and find your people.

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