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LOOK: The Most Expensive Houses For Sale In Canada Right Now

Homes for the mega-rich often take a long time to find just the right buyer.
Invidata Team/REMAX

Things are changing rapidly in Canada's luxury housing markets.

With new housing rules introduced in British Columbia last year, and in Ontario this past spring, sales of high-end homes have softened in those cities, according to a recent report from Sotheby's International Realty.

Meanwhile, stronger consumer confidence in Calgary and Montreal have hiked sales in the luxury segment, the report said.

But at the very top of the market — the housing for the top one per cent of the top one per cent — the rules are different. Hot market or not, homes can sit with a "For sale" sign hung out in front for prolonged periods of time, until they find just the right ultra-wealthy buyer.

That's the case with some of the homes on this list of the most expensive houses for sale in Canada — they've been waiting for their magic millionaire to come along.

Check out the most expensive houses in Canada, as of August 2017:

British Columbia: $34.8 million

Malcolm Hasman Realty

Greater Vancouver remains Canada's priciest housing market and you can see that reputation upheld in its ultra-luxury segment. There were more than 150 homes listed above $10 million in British Columbia as of this week, compared to 48 in Ontario, four in Quebec and none anywhere else in the country.

This house is for sale in Vancouver's Shaugnessy Heights area, one of the swankiest parts of town. It features 3,300 sq.-ft. of living space on half an acre of land — quite a lot for inner-city Vancouver.

Malcolm Hasman Realty

According to the selling realtor, the property features a 50-foot marble reception hall; a wine tasting room with space for 1,200 bottles; a billiard room with wet bar and a "state-of-the-art" media room.

Malcolm Hasman Realty

The outdoor summer kitchen is heated, as is the swimming pool. There is also a cabana and a jet spa. Listing here.

Alberta: $24.9 million

The most expensive house for sale in Alberta has appeared on our list of priciest houses several times before. If anything, this shows that the rules of the housing market work differently for the super-rich; and it might also reflect the slow housing market in Alberta, which has suffered from the oil price slump. Or maybe the seller is just asking too much.

Located south of Calgary, the property features two "high-calibre" houses, as the listing describes them, on a whopping 242 acres of land. Practically enough to start your own country.

The estate was once owned by the family of Henry Ford, of Ford Motor Co. fame. That may explain the antique gas station on the property.

This place is really for lovers of the outdoors. It features a "pristinely natural landscape," as the listing puts it, and has amenities such as a horse barn, a pasture and riding areas. Listing here.

Saskatchewan: $2.99 million

The priciest house in Saskatchewan is only about twice as expensive as the average detached home in Toronto (which clocked in at above $1.5 million earlier this year).

For the price of two average Toronto houses, you can get this decidedly not-average mansion that features three bedrooms and five bathrooms on 5,180 sq.-ft. of living space.

Located just south of downtown on the shores of the South Saskatchewan River, the property features a five-car garage, a piano room and ensuite bathrooms in two of the three bedrooms. There's also a media room.

The "immaculately landscaped yard is fit for a wedding venue," the selling realtor boasts. Listing here.

Manitoba: $11 million

Century 21 Bachman & Associates

Winnipeg is one of Canada's most affordable housing markets, so it's not every day that an $11-million house comes on the market. In fact, it's never happened before.

To give you an idea of how unusual this is -- the next most expensive house for sale in Manitoba is less than a fifth of the price of this one, with a list price of just under $2 million.

Century 21 Bachman & Associates

This property, once owned by media mogul Israel Asper, features six bedrooms and two bathrooms on more than 22,000 sq.-ft. of living space. The realtor's listing boasts of "every imaginable amenity for your enjoyment and pleasure."

Century 21 Bachman & Associates

One of the home's most interesting features is this perfectly symmetrical double shower.

But there seem to be few takers, as the house has been on sale since 2015. Maybe $11 million is just too much for Winnipeg. Listing here.

Ontario: $65 million

Invidata Team/REMAX

This house may be the priciest home ever listed in Canada. It's hard to say because many high-end homes are sold privately.

Invidata Team/REMAX

Chelster Hall, as this place is known, is located about a half-hour's drive, in good traffic, from downtown Toronto in the suburb of Oakville.

Invidata Team/REMAX

This place is an unbelievable 47,000 square feet, and features some pretty amazing amenities, including a 12-car garage, a spiral staircase in the library, and a fireplace next to the pool.

There's even a private chapel "where families can go for prayer," according to the listing. And did we mention it's on the shores of Lake Ontario, and features both and indoor and outdoor pool?

We could go on, but you get the picture. Listing here.

Quebec: $12 million

Located about 130 km east of Montreal in Quebec's eastern townships, this property features 200 acres of land and a house with four bedrooms and three baths.

You could call this property a complex of buildings: Aside from the main house, there is also an historic barn, a caretaker's home, a three-season cottage and 478 feet of waterfront on Lake Memphremagog.

The property's top selling point? The view. Listing here.

Atlantic Canada: $7 million

Tradewinds Realty

How about a mansion on its own private island?

Located about a kilometre off Nova Scotia's Bluenose Coast on Kaulbach Island, this house features features six bedrooms and nine bathrooms on more than 11,000 sq.-ft. of living space.

Tradewinds Realty

Aside from the main house, named "Osprey Nest," there is also a double garage with a guest house, a beach house, a farm house and a number of outbuildings.

The home even comes with a motorboat, an obvious necessity if you ever want to go into town.

Though no mention of the helicopter pictured above.

Tradewinds Realty

But like some other homes on this list, it's been sitting on the market for some time. The seller originally asked $9.15 million for the property; it has now seen its asking price cut by more than $2 million. Listing here.

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