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Lorde Slams Photoshop, Posts Un-Retouched Photo Of Her Natural Skin

Lorde Posts Un-Retouched Photo Of Her Skin, Flaws And All

Pity the fool who tries to Photoshop Lorde!

The "Royals" singer took to Twitter on Sunday, posting two photos of herself- one airbrushed, one natural- and wrote a positive message to her fans.

The first pic shows the singer mid-performance with flawless, smooth skin and the second photo shows the 17-year-old with her natural "real" skin, that is marked with typical teen acne. Both pics were taken while the New Zealander was on stage at the Lollapalooza festival, which she attended in Santiago, Chile, on Sunday.

The Grammy winner is just the latest celebrity to flaunt her face sans makeup and retouching.

Actresses Shenae Grimes and Gwyneth Paltrow recently shared #nomakeupselfies and "Divergent" star Shailene Wooley recently opened up to Interview magazine about her uncomfortable relationship with retouching.

"The reality is that I do not have those lips and my skin is not flawless," Woodley said about a magazine photo shoot of herself, "and I do have a little bit of a stomach. It was not a proper representation of who I am … I just want to be me."

We applaud these stars for telling women to embrace their bodies as they are and to reject re-touching of all forms.

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