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Lori Welbourne, Topless Reporter, Surprises Kelowna's Mayor To Prove A Point About Equality (VIDEO)

WATCH: Reporter Goes Topless To Prove A Point About Equality

A Canadian woman's attempt to expose her hometown mayor to the complexities of a gender equality issue caused some buzz after she took her top off mid-interview.

Lori Welbourne, a syndicated columnist with The Province newspaper, sat down with Kelowna Mayor Walter Gray to talk about double standards and whether a woman would land in jail if she chose to bare her breasts in public in his city. The quick answer is not anymore.

“The bylaws were repealed. And they were old bylaws,” Gray explained in a video uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday. He later told CBC News he was just playing along in the segment.

The buxom blonde pressed forward to make a point about ambiguous and archaic laws in Canada and the U.S. surrounding a woman's right to go shirtless in public.

“What would be inappropriate about a women being topless?” a shirtless Welbourne asked Gray.

“The difference probably is that a woman’s chest causes a distraction,” he responded.

But she wasn’t satisfied with that answer, quipping that she found earlobes incredibly distracting and asked the mayor if he was willing to cover his lobes with earmuffs.

“Um, no,” Gray responded.

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