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'Lost Girl' Season 4, Episode 3 Recap: Out-Of-Body Experience

Following two weeks of being slammed with information and exposition, this was a really tight episode, with some great story progression. Plus, Bo isback now!

Note: Reader discretion is advised. This recap includes spoilers for "Lost Girl," Season 4, Episode 3, "Lovers. Apart."

Following two weeks of being slammed with information and exposition, this was a really tight episode of "Lost Girl," with some great story progression.

Bo lands in a wooded area after her leap from the train and quickly meets a family who is on some type of odd annual pilgrimage. The Jenkins family is startled by the intruder in their home and the daughter, Julia, knocks Bo out with a frying pan. Bo awakens, head aching from the hit, and also feeling off from the transcendental sickness caused by jumping from one plane of existence to another without an anchor -- not easy. The Jenkins family tells Bo about a ghost that torments their family on the same day every year, and how they take refuge in this ancestral home guarded by a perimeter of shoes and knots. (Oh, and the dad, Ian, is guest star Lochlyn Munro, who in my mind will forever be Cliff O'Malley from late '90s dark comedy "Dead Man on Campus." I love the guest stars on this show!)

Cue the fanfare because never fear, Dyson is here, and he has Cleo in tow. They have found Bo, but before they can bring her home, they have to help this family out with their little ghost problem. The daughter, Julia, escapes the house and once passing the shoes, she's immediately taken over. Turns out this is not just a ghost -- it's a "Jumbee," a body-jumping spirit that can possess another body and control it like a puppet. It's also an Elemental like Cleo.

The Jumbee inside of Julia leads to one of the creepiest effects ever on "Lost Girl," when Julia rises up from the sofa and speaks in a terrifying voice. Actually, I'll go as far to say that this may have been the creepiest episode of the series to date. It got a little too "Exorcist" there for my liking, but I applaud the risks being taken this season so far.

Bo is able to wield her succubus charms on the Jumbee and sucks the body-jumper from Julia the same way she gets her chi fix ... and then Bo learns the truth. This woman was engaged to Noah Jenkins, but the rest of his family thought she was a witch. Noah's family ended up shooting the woman, but not before Noah jumped into the path, also being killed by the same bullet. The lovers never married, and were buried separately. Bo, Dyson and Cleo conclude that in order to stop the Jumbee from tormenting this family any longer, they must reunite the departed couple. They dig up the graves on the grounds of the estate, and a still-possessed Bo exchanges vows with Dyson, who's acting as proxy for Noah. This reunites the spirits and they can pass on together at last.

Cleo's helpful in tracking down Bo and helping with the Jenkins, but her true intentions end up coming to the surface when she tries to take Bo at knifepoint and says that Vex has paid a lot of money for Bo. Silly Elemental. You should know better than to take on a succubus, even in a weakened state. They fight, and Bo drains Cleo to death.

The Lauren storyline continues to develop like the uncontrollable sparks between her and Crystal. Crystal actually confides in Lauren, saying that she's bad luck and brings trouble to everyone she's close to. Crystal is working at the diner to save enough money to buy a farm and escape it all. Crystal knows that Lauren is spoken for, but invites her over for pizza and beer. Lauren shows up at Crystal's, pizza and beer in hand, and they make their own dessert -- i.e. they make sweet, sweet love. They have a night of pure bliss together and seem so happy, which means something bad is going to happen.

The next day, the diner cook tells Lauren that someone's been calling non-stop asking for "Karen." Lauren flees the diner, stops by Crystal's to say she's leaving, and instructs Crystal to deny ever knowing her if her pursuers show up at her door.

This episode also marked the return of our former Morrigan, Evony. Massimo the Druid meets her at her place and not only helps restore Evony's missing eye, but he says that he helped Tamsin get rid of Bo for Evony. What is Massimo and Tamsin's connection to the train, or whatever's in control of the train? An even bigger question: what is Evony's bigger role in all of this?

I really liked the final scenes. Bo and Dyson drive home together, and Bo says she can't wait to see everyone, listing off the names of everyone (and it's interesting to note that Lauren's name isn't on that list). Lauren is hitchhiking, and Crystal drives up to offer her a ride, which is actually a ruse. Crystal has been forced to lure Lauren into a trap. While Crystal and Lauren are "indisposed" at the side of the road, Dyson and Bo happen to drive by. It's Bo's nature to want to stop and help, but Dyson dissuades her from it.

I'm really looking forward to next week's episode and I think more reunions are coming up (I need my Bo and Kenzi back together). I also want to know who's taken Lauren, and what game Evony is playing.

Fae-vourite Lines:

Evony (to Massimo): "Grow my eyeball back or you'll be growing a ball of your own."

Bo: "Hi I'm Bo, the unaligned succubus. How are you? Just a couple of things about me. I like leather, having a good time, and in case you haven't noticed, I always meddle in things that don't concern me. So if you don't stop torturing these innocent people, I'm going to crack my foot off in your retro ass."

Lauren: "Forget the master that I had for five years who kept me in indentured servitude.

Crystal: "What?"

Lauren: "It's probably the beer talking. I guess I ran out of bad shit to forget."

Random Thoughts:

  • Eyepatches are the must-have accessory this season. Fake glasses and moustaches be damned!
  • If you really love someone, you'll let a creepy buried Fae suck on your toes in exchange for information.
  • Lauren talking about wearing a wedding dress and combat boots through freshman year as "a statement" made me chuckle. Just sounds like '90s fashion to me, baby!
  • Seeing Lauren smile is a rare and remarkable occurrence, but this begs the question: is it possible for her to love Bo and be happy? Does a relationship with the succubus mean sacrificing any chances of being content?
  • Is there some Fae rule that actually makes Dyson and Bo's vows binding although they were acting as a proxy for someone else? I think this point is going to come back at some point. Heck, even Bo starts to bring it up and Dyson cuts her off.
  • Who was in the back seat of Crystal's car?

You can read the recap (and more) over at The Televixen.

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