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Lunar New Year Baby Names Inspired By The Zodiac Rat

Any parent who names their kid Splinter gets ALL our respect.

Nothing says Lunar New Year like red envelopes, dumpling-making, and—at least for 2020—swarms of whisker-faced rodents descending upon our decorative celebrations for the Year of The Rat.

Rats aren’t the most glamourous of Chinese zodiac animals. They’re not as mystical as dragons, as loyal as dogs, or have a mascot as impressive as last year’s (word to the wise: never step to Peppa).

But I’d say they’re due for some brand rehabilitation. Domesticated breeds make great pets and plenty of noble rats are scampering around. Who among us could forget when Mr. Ratburn and his gay rat wedding were the talk of the town?

Rat-inspired baby names don’t have to be as outrageous-sounding as “Splinter,” although any child called that would be certified badass for the rest of their life. Names can be as subtle as “Remy,” the furry Disney protagonist who squeaked his way into the hearts of “Ratatouille” fans everywhere.

If you’re still on the fence, consider this: if parents can get away with naming their kids Armani, a couple of babies named after rats will probably turn out fine.

Watch the video above to see all the famous rats your child would be honoured to share a name with.

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