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Free Mac & Cheese Festival Coming To Toronto In June

macaroni noodles and cheese...
macaroni noodles and cheese...

If you love cheese, pasta or the combination of both, we're happy to tell you a full-blown mac and cheese festival is about to hit Toronto this summer.

The Mac 'n Cheese Festival, which runs from June 5 to June 7, is a free (yes, free!) food festival featuring some of the city's top chefs, cooking enthusiasts and vendors who will attempt to reinvent the classic dish of mac and cheese.

Through a public voting system, three awards will be handed out including a $5,000 cash prize. "This food festival will be filled with artery clogging goodness and hungry foodies," the festival's site notes. This seems pretty accurate.

And while we're all big fans of cheese (and probably bigger fans of mac and cheese) an event like this in Toronto could only mean a long, long list of over-the-top recipes with all kinds of unique flavours thanks to our diverse list of chefs and restaurants. According to BlogTO, confirmed vendors include Cheesewerks (this is like in their DNA), Burrito Burrito and Cardinal Rule.

And to sum up all the emotions we're currently feeling right now for the three-day event of all things cheese, we will leave you with some tasty mac and cheese recipes you can try out till June.. oh, and this tweet.

Civil War Macaroni And Cheese

Mac N Cheese

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