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Maclean’s 'Resistance' Cover Has Twitter In Stitches

"I call this boy band 50 Shades of Beige."

Canadian Twitter has erupted in a wave of gloriously bad puns, Photoshop mayhem and digital eye rolling — all at the expense of Maclean's December cover.

Entitled "The Resistance" and featuring Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe, UCP leader Jason Kenney, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer, Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister and Ontario Premier Doug Ford, this one definitely begs more questions than it answers. Not the least pressing: why can't "the resistance" find a decent tailor?

When the New York Times published an op-ed by an anonymous senior Trump administration official who claimed to be part of the "resistance" inside the White House, the outpouring of memes was immediate. In typical internet fashion, it found its way in everything from the Death Star to Mean Girls references.

So it's no surprise the cover of Maclean's found itself on the receiving end of similar treatment, after using the term (which has been used by the anti-Trump movement in the U.S.) to depict these five men who are currently positioning themselves in opposition to the Liberals' carbon tax plan.

A favourite topic was just how much they had in common.

Maclean's doing their best to one-up that time they said Canadian universities were "Too Asian"

— The Beaverton (@TheBeaverton) November 7, 2018

Even fellow politicians weighed in with their opinions.

While the cover might not be to everyone's tastes (and there's even some debate as to whether or not it was meant as a tongue-in-cheek gesture), one thing's for sure — Maclean's managed to get a lot of people arguing over their dead tree product in 2018.

It's enough to make you feel downright patriotic.

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