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Maclean's Quebec Cover Takes Aim At Student Protesters

The cover of the June 4th edition of Maclean's magazine will add more fuel to the fiery debate around Quebec's student protests.

The magazine features a masked protester and the headline "Quebec's New Ruling Class."

"How a group of entitled students went to war and shut down a province. Over $325."

While tuition may have been the initial cause of the unrest in Quebec, many observers have noted that the protests have grown into a larger social movement. The Charest government has also been heavily criticized for the heavy-handed emergency bill that gives police more power to fine and arrest protesters.

"It amounts to a temporary suspension of certain liberties and allows the government to avoid serious negotiations with student leaders. And it grants the authorities carte blanche for the abuse of power; just hours after it passed, police officers in Montreal began to increase the use of force against protesters," a group of Quebec professors wrote in an editorial published in the New York Times.

This isn't the first time Maclean's raised the ire of Quebecers. A 2010 cover story "Quebec: The Most Corrupt Province" raised the ire of Quebec's political class and even earned the magazine criticism from many MPs in the House Of Commons. That issue featured Quebec's beloved Bonhomme mascot carrying a suitcase of money.

What do you think of Maclean's latest cover?

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