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Madonna Takes Shot At ‘Boring’ Canada In Message For Harry And Meghan

Even Buckingham Palace has nothing on her New York apartment, the singer claims.

In their search for a new home after officially leaving their royal duties, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have received an offer from another queen of sorts.

During a tour stop in London, 61-year-old Madonna (dubbed the Queen of Pop depending on who you talk to) offered the Duke and Duchess of Sussex her New York apartment.

“Don’t run off to Canada, it’s so boring there,” Madonna says in an Instagram video, getting ready while jazz plays in the background.

“I’ll let them sublet my apartment in Central Park West, it’s two bedroom. It’s got the best view of Manhattan, with best balcony.”

“That’s going to be a winner,” the pop singer said. “That’s going to be a dealbreaker.”

Canada’s wasn’t the only place Madonna put down as she tried to sell the couple on her pad.

“Buckingham Palace has got nothing on [Central Park West],” she said.

Madonna’s playful tone didn’t necessarily fare well with some people on social media, who didn’t take lightly to the singer calling Canada boring.

Madonna has a complicated history with Canada. She was nearly arrested while performing in Toronto in 1990. The singer was told to tone down her provocative performance, or she could face obscenity charges.

She went on to call Toronto a “fascist state,” a moment caught in the documentary Madonna: Truth or Dare.

Harry and Meghan likely won’t take the pop star up on her offer. The couple has had a long, special history with Canada. They spent the December holidays around Vancouver Island with baby Archie.

Then they officially announced they were stepping down as senior royals and moving to live part time in Canada. Meghan returned to Vancouver and rejoined Archie after the announcement.

Madonna’s sweet balcony might not have much over the mysteriously-owned 11,000-square-foot property Vancouver mansion the couple recently stayed at.

And for a couple seeking privacy, having a landlord as famous as Madonna likely won’t help.

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