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Maestro Mocks Rob Ford And Stephen Harper In Rap (VIDEO)

WATCH: Maestro Mocks Ford And Harper In Rap

Rap has always been a political art and on Sunday Toronto hip hop legend Maestro gave a master class in spitting issues.

"I told Rob Ford, stick to your vision, but when I saw him eat, bro, stick to nutrition," rapped Maestro in reference to the mayor's public struggles with his weight.

"I was in a class with my teacher Chris Parker (points to Public Enemy's Chuck D) and that's the reason I'm too sharp for Steve Harper," rhymed Maestro.

The man who called himself the "rap prime minister" even compared himself to former prime minister Trudeau: "I be the black Pierre Elliot, speaking to my delegates."

Monica Lewinsky and René Lévesque also got shout outs.

Maestro starts rapping at 1:55 in the video and the reference to Trudeau comes soon after. The Harper reference comes at 3:00 and to Ford at 3:27.

While the crowd seemed to love the entire freestyle, the biggest reaction from fans, and from Flavor Flav, was for the Rob Ford joke.

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