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Man Proposes To Ex-Wife For Christmas And Our Hearts Are Two Sizes Bigger Now


One Ohio family just received a Christmas gift so beautiful it's making our Grinch-y hearts grow two sizes this week.

Jeffrey Agan Jr., 21, captured — and then posted on social media, natch — the moment his father, Jeffrey Sr., 52, handed his mother, Lorrie, 51 — Jeffrey Sr.'s ex-wife — her Christmas gift, a marriage proposal.

The Agans, who have eight children together, divorced in 2014 after being married for more than 20 years. "They fought, separated, divorced, and it tore the family apart. Each of us felt like we had to cope with the destruction in different ways, and on our own," Jeffrey Jr. told Buzzfeed.

The proposal itself was a framed poem that Lorrie had to unwrap. As she read the love poem aloud, which asked for her hand in marriage (again), Jeffrey Sr. got down on bended knee with a ring in his hand. As Lorrie realized what her ex-husband was asking, she happily got down to the floor, hugged him, and said "Yes" several times.

Jeffrey Sr. told Babble he and Lorrie had rekindled their relationship in the fall and have been attending couple's counselling. He added that he had been going through a "rough patch" and began journaling over the summer, which, as he explained, "quickly turned into writing poems."

"I find it much easier to express myself in writing, so it seemed like the natural way for the proposal," he said. Since the video has gone viral, Jeffrey Sr. said he's been overwhelmed by the response. The video has inspired many people, with some posting stories about their parents who have rekindled their love as well.

And to show their love and support, the Agan kids want to throw their parents a beautiful wedding. "We're wanting to throw them a dream wedding, to thank them for all the sacrifices they've made for us kids," Jeffrey Jr. told Buzzfeed, adding that he set up a Gofundme in response to people who requested one so they could pitch in.

"Things were hard, tight, and tough for us as a family, but we never went hungry and they've spent so much time trying to dig us out of the dirt," Jeffrey Jr. said. "They've invested in our success and our futures at the expense of their own wants and needs."

Yep, we're crying now.

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