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Marijuana Legalization As Seen By Canada's Editorial Cartoonists

Different papers had different takes on Weed Day.

Unless you're living under a rock, it's hard to miss the fact that recreational cannabis was legalized in Canada on Wednesday.

As with any other major event in the country, Canadian editorial cartoonists picked up their pens and pencils and went to work, and a lot of what they delivered was truly spectacular.

The Halifax Chronicle-Herald's Bruce MacKinnon, who is known for his brilliantand viral cartoons, referenced the Liberal government's commitment to pipelines, both the weed and oil kinds, in a 2016 cartoon that started circulating again after legalization.

Another viral cartoonist, freelancer Michael de Adder, summarized the history of Canada with a few strokes of his pen for the Chronicle-Herald's Wednesday editorial cartoon.

The Hamilton Spectator's long-time editorial cartoonist, Graeme MacKay, went in a different direction with his depiction of an Inukshuk holding a bong and wearing a Rastacap and shirt in the Rastafarian colours, with a reference to Bob Marley's song "Jamming" on it.

The Toronto Star's Theo Moudakis focused on legalization in Ontario with a to-the-point cartoon on how much things have changed this year: updated sex-ed is out, legal recreational cannabis is in.

He also posted past marijuana cartoons on his Twitter page, including a hit from 2016 that shows Tim Hortons branching out in a different, but inevitably successful direction.

Not every cartoon was a hit, however. The National Post's cartoon, which they ran on the front cover, missed the mark for a lot of people.

And those people didn't hesitate to share their opinions about the piece on social media.

Now that recreational cannabis is legal, we doubt this is the last series of cartoons we'll see about it.

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