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Marriage Advice: 20 Things You Should Always Tell Your Wife

20 Things You Should Tell Your Wife

Sometimes it's hard to know exactly what to say.

We're often told what not to say — anything about your partner's weight, their habits or their parents probably won't get you in their good books. But what are affectionate ways to show someone you care?

Here are 20 things (for the fellas at least) of what you should always tell your wife. But hey, we think this list works well for everyone.

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20 Things You Should Tell Your Wife

1. I Love You.

2. You are absolutely beautiful, inside and out.

3. Your butt looks fantastic in those jeans.

4. You make me want to be a better man.

5. Let's keep the lines of communication open.

6. I am sorry I didn't close the toilet seat. It won't happen again.

7. Do you need a hug? Yes, you need a hug. Let me give you one.

8. Yes, I am listening. I want to hear what you're saying.

9. Your pregnant belly looks gorgeous. You are gorgeous.

10. You are sweet and smart and sassy, and make me laugh.

11. You inspire me.

12. I appreciate you, you can depend on me.

13. You will always be there for them, through thick and thin.

14. How can I help you more around the house and with the kids?

15. Let's go on a date night.

16. You are a terrific mother to our kids.

17. What are your hopes and dreams?

18. Yes, let's watch that TV show together you want to see.

19. You are Beautiful. Repeat.

20. I Love You. Repeat.

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