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Why We Make Videos of Strangers Undressing and Getting Into Bed Together

There's a reason people make videos of strangers undressing and getting into bed together. It's for science. And I think I've just been blinded by it.

Yes, Tatia Pilieva, the same director responsible for the sexy, awkward film from a few months back that showed 20 strangers sharing a first kiss, has a new viral video out titled "Undress Me." Ironically, her new endeavor is a sexy, awkward film that shows 20 strangers taking each other clothes off.

Made in collaboration with Showtime for Masters of Sex, which returned to TV last Sunday, Tatia Pilieva's "Undress Me" captures some interesting, intimate moments. It opens with the words, "In 1957, William Masters and Virginia Johnson began asking men and women to undress for science. In 2014, we celebrate their groundbreaking research with 20 strangers undressing each other for fun."

Then the fun ensues, I guess, because Tatia said it would, along with millions of hits.

I believe we get as much guilty pleasure out of these awkwardly sexy videos as one would reality TV. You can't take your eyes off of it. It's a sexual smash up and the only appropriate action we can take is to rubberneck.

When doing so, always use protection, by the way.

Like the kissing video before director Pilieva's latest disrobing experiment, the strangers seem tentative and genuinely nervous about removing the other person's clothes, but by the time most are undressed, things have already heated up. How convenient for Tatia. I guess getting a group of actors who've been trained in showing audiences their naked vulnerability was the smart thing to do. I'd hate to see what this video would have looked like if it involved Auntie Josephine or Louie, the deli owner.

So, once in bed, some of the participants decide to improvise, (which seems appropriate since they are already professional actors) and then things get really interesting.

But can this voyeuristic experiment change the way the participants react to each other?

Would they have made the choices they chose to make in the video if they were not on camera, but in the privacy of their own lives?

Similar to the baffling rule of quantum physics, where the observer's consciousness effects the behavior of reality, could that same rule apply for canned sex?

The philosopher in me must keep asking these questions.

The voyeur in me must stop asking these questions.

What I do know for sure is that, like 9 million others, I can't stop watching it. Who knows? Maybe I'll find the answers somewhere in the close up of the male model's Levi's.

As always, true greatness deserves parody. And luckily for us, today the first comedic parody of "Undress Me" is on the internet. It captures that same sense of extreme awkwardness, tension, lust, and a weird sense of beauty - but with a jocose twist.

The masterminds at APPLECOMEDY released their version of this undress fest and I must say, it is brilliant. Spot on. A must see. And I'm not just saying that because I am in it. Check it our for yourselves. It's a very intimate, yet viral experience.

It's fun, just like Tatia said it would be.

Warning: Do not try this at home.

The people in this video are professionals.

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