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Maternity Benefits Around The World: How Do Women Get Paid Around The World? (INFOGRAPHIC)

LOOK: What Statistics Say About Maternity Leave Around The World

We all know that maternity leaves around the world aren't the same, but how much do women actually get paid?

According to an infographic by Toronto-based organization Women And Tech, some governments not only allow women to take maternity leave for the majority of the year, they also pay women a majority of their incomes.

In Sweden, for example — which continues to be one of the world's most progressive countries in education, women's rights and overall standard of living — women can take 56 weeks of maternity leave while getting paid 80 per cent of their incomes. (Women also get benefits for an additional 13 weeks with a fixed rate).

In Canada, women can take up to 50 weeks of maternity leave with a wage of 55 per cent of their incomes. However, wages are also capped at $45,900 per year, meaning that women can only receive a maximum of $485 per week, according to Health Canada. Both men and women are also eligible to receive 35 weeks of benefits from Canada's employment insurance and parents can either share these weeks or split them up.

The infographic also points out there is no federal rule set in place for women or men in the United States. Even though women can get up to 12 weeks in the U.S., any financial aid depends on the state or the employer, according to a report by International Labour Organization.

Are you surprised by any of these numbers? Let us know in the comments below and check out the full infographic here.

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