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Matthew McConaughey Gets Cutest Wake-Up Call From Kids On His Birthday

He was all right, all right, all right with their music.

Matthew McConaughey turned 51 on Wednesday, and he got a birthday surprise from his kids that would put a smile on any parent’s face.

The “Interstellar” actor revealed on Instagram that he awoke the day after the U.S. presidential election in high spirits, thanks to “a beautiful alarm clock”: A video of his three kids singing “Happy Birthday.

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a beautiful alarm clock I had today

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The minute-long tribute shows older clips of daughter Vida and two sons Levi and Livingston, singing with gusto. Sure, the words and tune may be slightly different than usual, but that uniqueness makes it that much more special.

McConaughey’s wife, model Camila Alves, thought the same: In her own Instagram post, she acknowledged how stressed everyone was feeling due to election anxiety, and shared that the heartfelt video helped ground their family:

“Let’s all stay calm and find new ways to unite for our future,” she said.

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His three children’s creative talents have been impressing McConaughey lately. He told People in October that the COVID-19 pandemic has left his kids bored at home (so relatable). However, McConaughey was pleased to report they’ve all gotten into artistic hobbies like photography, to keep busy.

“They’re becoming a production crew. It’s very cool, [and] they’re starting to get kind of good at it,” he said.

One kid in particular probably inspired the musical tribute: The star told People that his eldest, 12-year-old Levi, has had a gifted ear from a young age.

“Basically, he came out of the womb knowing a minor from major key on the piano. In the last six months, he really got into listening to composers, and he now can listen to a movie and tell you, ‘Oh, that’s Hans Zimmer,’ or ‘That’s John Williams,’ which is really cool.”

McConaughey previously fostered his kids’ love of music with his role in “Sing,” where he played a koala who sang Carly Rae Jepsen, to their surprise.

We can’t wait to hear how Levi and crew ring in their father’s 52nd year around the sun next November!

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