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It's Meghan Markle's Birthday! Here's Her Big Year In Pictures

A lot has happened since last August, in the Royal Family and in the wider world.

Meghan Markle has had a big year.

As the Duchess of Sussex celebrates her 39th birthday on Tuesday, she has a lot to look back on: she traveled to South Africa, spend time in B.C. and L.A., guest-edited British Vogue’s prestigious September issue, launched a charitable clothing line and sued British tabloids.

Oh yeah, and she made history by stepping away from the Royal Family.

She still received birthday wishes via Instagram from the Queen and from Prince William and Kate Middleton’s account.

And a group of her devoted fans, the “Sussex Squad,” have launched a scholarship in Meghan’s name with the Campaign for Female Education, a group that works to eradicate poverty by educating women across Africa.

Given the privacy Meghan has sought, we likely won’t have an update on what cake she picked up to celebrate her 39th birthday, or a sweet message from Prince Harry like we did last year. But we can look back at some of her best moments from her 38th year.

July 2019: Meghan guest-edits British Vogue

Meghan Markle's Biggest Moments In Her 38th Year

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